Webroot DNS reporting

  • 26 February 2019
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I'm trying to get webroot to report the following, but I haven't found a report that does this yet.
  1. I need to see a report that ONLY shows me websites a user has actually typed into the browser, I don't need to see every bit of communication between the client and the webroot DNS servers.
  2. I need to see exactly what time in my own time zone, PST, not UTC when the user accessed each website.
  3. I need to see how long a user has actually been on a website. For example, I want to see two different times, one for active website, and then if a user just has the website open, but hasn't touched it for 2 hours, let's say the tab is open in the browser, I want to see the difference between the two.
Is there such a report, or can a report please be written to show the above info, as the current reports are useless to me.

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