Can't add dvice

  • 5 September 2015
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Trying to add iPhone
Not showing that I have any devices protected. Any clues?

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Hello there, welcome to the Community!
For devices that run iOS, there really is not ANY true AV from any vendor due to how Apple does things.  You DO get protection from Webroot by using the available iOS WSA apps by helping you avoid known bad websites, and other threats, but since there is not 'true AV scanner' the device does not actually show up as a protected device.  
That is actually a good thing: you get all of the best possible protection allowed for your device, yet it doesn't count as a device in your console, it does not use up a device license :)
For more information, see the KB Article and make sure to follow the links in there to read about SecureWeb and SecureSync!
I hope this helps,