E3 2016

  • 15 June 2016
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I have been trying to follow E3 this year and I am just going over replays on YouTube. All I can say is that I am super exited for this year. Here is a list of what has been announced :D


Link to list (VIA IGN)


Has anyone else been following the event? If so what are you going insane about ?





2 replies

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Hi Bradford,


That's great you are a game enthusiast.


I can't say I am. I have mostly Steam games and Uplay. Which I have Tom Clancy's/The Division. I can't possible keep nup with all these games. 😃
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Hey sherry


E3 is always insane as it throws near enough every title coming out in the near future in your face with a fantastic release trailer.


I am by no means anywhere near the end of the list but with Battlefield going back to its routs, Dishonored coming out with a new addition to the franchise, Mass Effect, gears of war (Coming to PC cross-play which I am SUPER hyped about) AND with the Division's new expansion just around the corner I have no idea where to start making pre-orders.


This next year or two for the gaming industry is going to be good :)