How to spot a hacker in Counter-Strike

  • 25 November 2014
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Hacking is rife in CS:GO and even pro players are being banned, so how do we stop it?
25 November 2014 By Chris Higgins
Over the weekend, Valve had a little autumnal clearout of their suspected Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cheater list. In among the script kiddies and third accounts being handed Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) bans were some familiar names to those who follow pro CS:GO. None other than Titan’s Hovik “KQLY” Tovmassian and Epsilon’s Gordon “SF” Giry were banned, just hours before their teams were set to fly out to DreamHack Winter in Sweden, forcing both the tournament to drop the teams and the teams to drop the players.
The fallout has been messy, and much like last month’s Dota match-fixing revelations, the effects echo much further than those involved. Though those who have been caught are facing permanent “VACations” from eSports, the lingering spectre of hacking casts aspersions on us all. It even puts doubt on previously defining moments in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports, such as the incredible clutch jumpshot USP kill by KQLY at ESL One below. So how do we go about preventing false allegations? Or catching a hacker with their hands in the code? Here are a few tips to spot a cheater, and what you should do if you find one.
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