SAT Training Campaigns - Email Reminders

  • 12 August 2019
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Is there a way to modify/edit an already created Training Campaign? What i'm after is removing users who already have taken the training on another campaign. Is this possible?

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When setting the Auto-reminder to take training, users are still receiving reminders to complete their training even after completing the training. Is there a way to stop that from occurring?


Figured out.

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Hi al_serna! Thanks for posting your question. We currently don't support modifying a campaign that is actively running. You can, however, send reminders manually or automatically and if a user completes the training by reaching the last screen of the training they will no longer receive these reminders and their status will be changed from "started" to "completed". Completed users do not received training reminders but if a user does receive a reminder and believes they completed the training it could be they were just a screen or two away from completion and they should re-open and resume the training to finalize which will change status to "complete".