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Where can I find my profile?

At the top right of the Webroot Community, next to ‘Create Topic’ you’ll see either a ‘Login’ button (if you haven’t already logged in OR your profile overview.) Click on that profile overview button.

If you haven’t signed in, please do so (you can find help on doing that here)

After you’ve opened your profile, you can fill out your profile by clicking on ‘Edit profile’. This is where you’ll be able to

  • Upload your profile avatar
  • Fill out some information about yourself
  • Create a custom signature here

Where can I edit my settings?

Once you’re in your profile, under ‘Settings’ you’ll be able to select what information is shared publicly and what notifications you’d like to receive.
Other items you can set in this section include:

  • Show badges
  • Show ratings
  • Show user title
  • Subscription notifications
  • Receive private messages
  • More

How can I change my password?

Changing your password is really easy. In the ‘My profile’ section, select the ‘Password’ tab. From there, complete the form fields and save your changes.

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