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Hello - I receive notifications by additional security I have if and when my email password is found on the web.  I change it keeping it strong with numbers, special characters, letters - upper and lower case using the max amount possible.  Have cable connected to Secure Wi-Fi (on) and use other devices on it.  This security covers monitoring service that works 24/7 and checks different avenues that hackers and thieves use but it does not cover file sharing. What are examples of file sharing?  

Email extensions I have are Webroot with Web Threat Shield and Adobe Acrobat but greyed out . These are the only two.  Can Adobe see and change information on sites? The reason I ask is because I have a lot of .pdf files on Adobe Acrobat. 

Am very careful about “Phishing” and know what to look. These are sent to spam, blocked, and reported. I use 2-way verification when available but do not use password managers. I change all my passwords very frequently using strong passwords. 

 Am I missing something? Do you have any other thoughts about how an email password might be found and ways to defend and protect it?  I understand there is software that can “crack” passwords but wouldn’t my internet provider protect against this?

Just found out about DNS Hijacking - 

Every single time you type an address into your address bar your internet connected device it makes a request to a DNS server to get the actual (iP) Internet address. More and more malware is targeting your DNS requests so that you use a malicious DNS server instead of the one you have configured. DNS Hijacking is becoming a more common thing. Wouldn’t Webroot Secure protect and defend agains this?

An email password breach concern I have is if someone with bad intentions can remote into my computer.  I am very careful about this and have only allowed it a couple of times when needing computer tech support but the websites were good except one that I made a mistake on about 5 years ago and it downloaded 6 viruses that webroot caught and got rid of immediately. The person on the other end of the remote clicked allow malware to load! I went to a boogus website that looked like the real deal and called the phone number = MY FAULT. 

Thank you.

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