Hello from Missouri

  • 21 September 2012
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I am a long time computer technician. Actually started working on computers in '84 programming them. Then got into the support side as a hardware tech and then as IT Support for the Federal Reserve.

Long time user of Webroot from the early days. Fully a convert. I run a home computer repair business out of my home and have literally hundreds of customers who for the most part are all Webroot subscribers primarily due to me. Sure wish I got a discount or finders fee!  :D
Happy to be aboard!

4 replies

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Hey Dave,
Glad to see you here! Welcome to the Webroot Community forums. It's a great place to find answers to any Webroot question you may have so please feel free to post away! 😃
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Hello Dave,
Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :D
I'm also a long time user of Webroot from the early days, Spy Sweeper Two (2004)
There's a lot of Excellent changes with the New Webroot. Enjoy your stay. 😉
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Welcome Dave and thanks for your longtime loyalty to Webroot.  I know there are a lot of people here that enjoy hearing the positive praise.  
It may be too late for all your current customers, but we do have an affiliate program.  It might not work well for offline sales, but check it out and join one of the networks if you maintain a website.  http://www.webroot.com/En_US/partners-affiliates.html
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Hello Dave and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums. ;)