Thanks to nic for the pleasant welcome wagon message.

  • 1 April 2014
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Hi all ~ & where to start?
Born and raise in Hamburg, Germany just when The Beatles hit the big times. Cool place to grow up. By twists of fate I am now in Stockton, California and looking to survive working on all sorts of platforms (have avoided droid so far) and different vintages. Thanks for letting me say "hello"!

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Hello avg8 and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

We are a great bunch here and I assume you know Nic? So your username does that mean you use AVG products?
Daniel 😉
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Welcome aboard avg8 and it's a pleasure to have you in the Webroot family!
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You're welcome @ and thanks for posting!  Did you get to see the Beatles when they were playing in Hamburg?
For background, I've started sending out welcome PMs to new community members, with some information on how to navigate the community and inviting them to introduce themselves, so that is what avg8 is referring to.
Thank you Triple Helix!
No association with Grisoft or other AVG software.
It's simply my initials: Alexander von Gimbut - the eight is considered a lucky number in some communities. I adopted it.
Best regards,
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Nice to meet you Alexnader make sure to visit often!
Daniel 😉
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Hi Alexnader,
Welcome to the Community!
I hope you will stay wih us for longer :D
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Hello Alexander. Welcome to the Community where Everyday is a new learning experience.:)