why won't webroot dectect a pup called DNSunlocker. it's aweful

  • 7 September 2015
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need help in ridding my XP profession pc of dnsunlocker. I put webroot on my pc hoping it woulf find and rid my pc of this lousy pup.

5 replies

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Hello SandyB , welcome to the Community!
As you have seen, DNSBlocker is what we refer to as a PUA. (Potentially Unwanted Application)These are very annoying at best in that they cause pop-us, redirect your browser home page, and other behavior that may slow down the computer and direct ads your way, but they are not actually doing anything bad like damaging files or stealing information. Often they are installed intentionally by you the user as browser add-ons for various tasks such as quick search tools.. but they also come with the result of added annoying pop-ups and ads. Other times they 'piggy back' with other software that you installed, or try to 'sneak' onto your system entirely.
In this case, DNSBlocker seems to be a fairly new one.. I have seen a couple posts about it this weekend, and a quick search about it seems that if not exactly new, it is certainly on the upswing.
WSA does detect and remove many PUA's, and more are being added, but WSA does not detect all of them. A simple browser add-on with PUA behavior that is easy to identify and easy to remove is not likely to be detected and removed by WSA. Those that are intentionally difficult to locate and remove are. Please see THIS LINK for more information regarding Webroot's stance on these annoying programs.
The best thing to do is to submit a Trouble Ticket and ask Webroot Support to take a look and remove these for you.  There is NO CHARGE for this for valid WSA license holder.
Also, we have had a lot of discussion regarding these recently, and I have posted an Idea for Webroot to consider asking them to increase PUA detection.  The more  users that need help removing a particular PUA the more likely and faster that PUA will be added to detection.
From what I have seen, removal of this PUA is not all that hard in the hands of the pro's at Support, so hopefully they will get you cleaned out and back to normal soon.
Being a holiday weekend, while they MIGHT be on a lower staff level, they ARE working 24/7 even if slightly slower response time than normal.  Only Webroot Corporate Offices are closed, so you do need to contact them via the Trouble Ticket, but they are there.  
Please do NOT submite more than once.  The Ticket System will think you have a different issue and push your ticket back to the end of the line.
I hope this helps, 
I just installed this new antivirus in the hope that it would detect and rid my pc of this PUP. the ads are overwhelming. my os is XP professional. but this software from webroot cannot detect it it appears.
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Hello there, 
I have merged this post into the first one you made previously.  Please refer to the reply above.  :)
geeze sorry for caps .. 
site is safe to visit as declared from Webroot even ..
great information on  what it is .. how n why it is an how to remove ! --
no download anything .. straight forward instructions with screenshots !
link here !!
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morning ? no i won't go & crash out as i still have to go work later :D
That doc you mentioned's average ok but does NOT cover everything.... Just tell me if you can stand your ground a bit on a pc ( go look for the startup line of a shortcut & so ) because there are a few things i could tell you to go & check if you want