Transfer Webroot from one MSP to another (keycode)

  • 1 February 2018
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We have a client who is moving IT services to a new MSP, away from ours. In working with the new MSP, we found they also use Webroot, and asked if we could simply "migrate" all existing managed Webroot installs to their control.
It looks like I can "push" the new MSP's keycode to all of the workstations and servers in our console by going into each 'Group' and doing a select-all and Agent Commands > Keycode > Change keycode... and punching in the new MSP's keycode provided to us. However, is this the best way to do this? Will exclusions, policies, etc. move over to the new MSP, or are they going to start with only having control of the client's machines, requiring them to push all new policies without knowing anything about the machines or the users' needs?
Is there a better way?

1 reply

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You will need cases opened from both admins. One from your side saying it is ok to transfer site (keycode) to new company(provide that site key as well).  Then contact the new company giving them the case # you have opened to have their admin contact Webroot by opening a case and referencing the case you have open stating they are allowing us to migrate the site under their parent key and they will need to provide Webroot with that parent key of the site that will be moving the site key under.