New Beta group!

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Requesting access pls. An key code
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I would like to rejoin the beta tester group. I use MacOS 12.3  and Windows 11.

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"There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home."  Ken Olsen, Digital Equipment Corp. 


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I'd like in to the beta. I was in the old forum for business so if possible id like access to the new forum.
Are you wanting access to the Home User Beta as well or only for Business?
Hello I'm interested in testing out the Beta can I join?
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I would love to continue testing with the PC beta group! Requesting access!
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Hi freydrew,  Thanks for posting the link but unable to access.  Please grant access.

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Also with my access request minutes ago, don't know whether a new key code applies for me but my beta code I received on 6/2017 from JP from that summer's reorg of the PC beta forum.

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OMG … finally able to download the beta and now the darn thing wants a password that does not exist!

Anyway to bypass all this darn drama and download the beta?????

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I was assigned the beta with part of my email with the wrong spelling … so no matter what I do … nothing will work!

When is the real working WR going to be released!?!


The link

Takes us to the post and download link that is now 9 months old!!!!!!

Many people have already found this link and tried it, but it is not working.


Not compatible with OS X Catalina. 


Is there a downloadable beta version of Webroot Secure Anywhere for the Mac (OS X Catalina)???