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Scan Problems..

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Scan Problems..

I had been having scan problems with Webroot on my Archos 101g9 tablet. It always stopped at scanning SD card and would go no further. Today i have installed a firmware update from Archos and now Webroot works it has scanned my tablet. Just thought I would let you know so it may help others with this problem.

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Re: Scan Problems..

Thank you sunshinegirl and Welcome to the Webroot Forum. Smiley Happy

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Re: Scan Problems..

Very informative and also indicative of the Wonderful Fun of the Android Ecosystem (coming soon to a theater near you). Cat Very Happy


Unlike iOS devices, eevery Android device is different.  The hardware is different, the OS versions are different, the customizations are different.  Making something that can run consistently with every single thing is nearly impossible.  Moreso since that confirms that the prior Archos ROM did have problems allowing us to address the storage system.


Thank you very much for this update, since that allows us to stop worrying about how to get around broken stuff and just advise people that they can unbreak the broken part of the firmware that was blocking us.

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Re: Scan Problems..

My Motorola Xoom is stopping at the SD card also. what should I do?
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Re: Scan Problems..

Sunshinegirl, thank you for letting us know!


Jhwellington, certainly it would be worth seeing if updating your firmware helps to resolve the issue on your device as well.  As Kit mentioned though, all devices are different and can pose their own unique challenges.  Firmware updates are device-specific. 


The device isn't rooted is it?  Changes to root permissions can have adverse effects on any installed software.


There are a few other things I would like to find out about this mobile device.  Please follow the instructions below:


1) Open the Webroot Mobile App

2) At the home screen, press your Android menu button

3) Press "About"


What is the name of the software installed, " Complete, Premier, Free etc.." and what is the version number?


Also, is there any other security software installed or automated task killer app installed on this device?


If you unmount the sd card, does the scan complete?


If so, we might need to get logs from the device to see what's happening on this particular make/model.  In order to collect logs, we would need you to open a support ticket with us.  You can open one from this link:


The issue of the scan hanging on Archos devices was reported to be fixed by development shortly after this issue was reported.

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