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Webroot Popup Blocker

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Webroot Popup Blocker

Ok, first off...I'm actually really enjoying WR Security. It's fast, I barely notice any PC usage from it. I just hate one thing about it...and I mean HATE! I'll be visiting a site, and sometimes when I go to click on a link in some of my fav sites...a popup comes up. Sooo...WR...for some reason does their little "advisor" or whatever, in the top right corner. Which is fine...if it would stay there! pops up...leaves...pops up...leaves! Very annoying!!! I'm using Firefox on Win 8. With FF, if you get a popup, it usually opens a whole different window, instead of tab. Sooo...I go to the bottom, scroll to the other window that opened...and it takes FOREVER to close it! Mainly because WR is...I guess...doing their security or whatever! Again...this would be GREAT if WR kept their little "advisor" up for me to click on "close". Like I doesn't! It pops up...goes away...etc. I am soooo frustrated with this!!! I have actually contacted support at least 2-3 times about this...their big tip.."Don't visit malicous sites". Seriously!!!!??? I know that!! I'm mainly on Comic Book Movie sites, where I find out tips on whats coming out next, etc. Mainly...most of the pop ups comie from sites like's not like they're coming from porn sites or anything dangerous! first I was frustrated with the popup I'm frustrated with support!  Their most recent email FINALLY told me how to disable this (after I had to totally pretty much resend my first email stating the problem AGAIN! I did it the first time in a very long email explaining everything...and their reply...don't visit malacious sites. ANNOYING!!!) Anyways...I was really really loving this software...but seeing how this small thing bugs me...and seeing how the support isn't really all that helpful, I really don't think I'll suggest it to anyone. As soon as this expires, I'll be going back to Norton in a heartbeat! It's sad too...I work with tons of computer geeks...and I was all about praising this when I got it...well, not anymore!

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Re: Webroot Popup Blocker

Sorry to ask you but can you share a screenshot? I am bemused a bit. I cannot realize what do you mean by "advisor popup". I am aware only of popups from Web Threat Shield but they jumps out in the top left corner.

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Re: Webroot Popup Blocker

Hello grarrow and welcome to the Community!


I hate to see you are so verbally unhappy with some aspects of WSA, especially as this is your first post on the Community.  If you are quite honest in your first sentence, about enjoying it, maybe you could help to improve it instead of leaving with such negative feelings and posts.


Might I suggest that you post an Idea at this link with constructive comments and feedback on how you would like to see this element improved?


Webroot has been very good about taking feedback from the Ideas Exchange and looking at how to improve the software to make it more user friendly for us.



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Re: Webroot Popup Blocker

Hello grarrow.

My best guess is you're talking about the Web Threat Shield pop-up. Well I'm also on FF and Win 8. And the pop-up appears on the left top corner of the browser and sometimes does the magic trick of appearing and disappearing. But after a couple of times it stays on. It seems in your case it doesn't stay on.

It could be related to Firefox. Did you try to visit the Comic Book Movie sites in other browsers to see if the pop-up stays on?

If you mainly visit the Comic Book Movie sites and believe they are safe you could open a ticket asking for analyze and whitelisting. Then the pop-ups would not appear altogether.Smiley Happy

Re: Webroot Popup Blocker

Hello grarrow and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums. welcome.gif


I'm sure this will be addressed in the 2014 product line as the Web Threat Shield is going to be rebuilt from scratch and will be much more user friendly! Smiley Wink



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Re: Webroot Popup Blocker

I too have the same problem on the NatGeo website. I am not going to go through anymore of webroot BS and have removed it and installed norton.

Re: Webroot Popup Blocker

Well I hate to say they are still working on the Web Filter and we Beta Testers have a Driver as well and I don't get a block from that Web Site.









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Re: Webroot Popup Blocker

I'm not seeing a block for that site either and I'm using the current release version of Webroot

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Re: Webroot Popup Blocker

Same hear, Sheltieuk, but them again it may be a location thing or a browser cache issue.


Regards, Baldrick


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Re: Webroot Popup Blocker

This is the first I have heard about this problem and I am a regular visitor to the NatGeo site, I have never had any problems with it so far.  beta_tester_transparent.png

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