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  • 8 September 2021
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It all started when I tried to add my WSA complete to my Kindle Fire 7. I installed it OK but I had trouble with the password so I changed my password for all my devices.

Then when I was reading about logging in via a drop-down box at top right Firefox I discovered I don’t have that. I went round and round trying to find the missing toolbar but got no-where. 

I have been trying for a long time now to raise a ticket but it now seems impossible. I was at the the ‘Welcome Back! ‘ page but can get no further. Every time I enter my latest password and click continue, it does nothing but stays on the page, over and over. What is wrong there? I know my new password worked as it was confirmed That is why I am posting here for help!

So, I have a list of problems.

1    I cannot login to raise a ticket.

2   I need to recover the login option in Firefox, apparently a dropdown option in the Firefox status bar - top right. Would I re-install of WSAC bring it back? I understand I would need to uninstall the current one. And where would I find the new install file? There iis nothing in the Firefox extensions or Add-ins.

3   My web console is a mess. I have 5 entries, all but 1 are out of date and need to be removed.

4   I still need to get WSAC on my Kindle Fire.

Apologies for the long list, I am in need of assistance please. I’ve been using Webroot for about 5


Windows 10 with latest updates. Firefox 92.0

T Hank you for any help to resolve these mounting problems.


3 replies

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Hey there @bertie11 ,

Sorry to hear you’re running into so many issues. I think the fastest way to get your issues resolved would be contacting our tech support team via phone: 1-866-612-4227

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I'm  sorry, but you have lost me.

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@bertie11 ,

Since you’re having trouble logging in to send a ticket, the easiest way to resolve your issues would be to call our support team with the above mentioned phone number (1-866-612-4227)

We cannot help you with your specific issues on the forum, but our tech support team is made up of a bunch of rockstars that will surely be able to help you out!