Kid spends $5900 playing Jurassic World on Dad’s iPad. Here’s how to prevent that happening to you.

  • 5 January 2016
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05 Jan 2016  by Lisa Vaas

Nothing like memorizing dad’s passwords – both for his iPad and his Apple ID – to buy all the scaly goodness your little heart desires.
The latest “Dad, I shrank your bank account due to super easy in-app purchases” story involves a 7-year-old who racked up a £4000 bill (about $5900) by buying dinosaurs.
As the Metro reports, Mohamed Shugaa, from West Sussex, UK, found out his son had made the transactions during a 5-day dino spree in December, using Dino Bucks in the iTunes game Jurassic World on his dad’s iPad.
Sure, he knew his son could unlock his tablet with his passcode.
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6 replies

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That deffinitely won't happen to me. I have my own machine with my own very complicated password, my wife has her machine and the kids have an old laptop of their own that's just good enough to play things like Plants vs Zombies and no internet because i disabled the network card from it.. Best way is to keep the kids away from any system that could allow them to do so.
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So many of these free to play games rely on what they call "whales" which are huge spenders. Whether it's someone like this who spent by accident, or just some bored millionaire, they don't really care. I personally find the whole business model predatory.
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no i dont think it is model predatory evrybody knows the world revolves around money and when you make these games even though we say free we hope that people will buy the in game apps the games themselves dont cost a great deal to make and if you get just 1000 people to buy an in-app purchuse for 4.99 well the math adds up and if you land a game like candy crush then you become a very rich person over night so its just part of the american dream....some would think, thats just my opinion.
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I'd rather pay $4.99 up front rather than have the whole gameplay skewed towards making in-app purchases.
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well thats how they hook you its free then you get hooked on the game and a study shows that people dont think about making a purchase if its under 5.00 dollars but over that amount people will take the time to decide if they should spend the money, its crazy that people think like that but thats how all the games work, and again nobody works for free lol but still parents should be aware of what thier kids are doing because there are alot of other things that are a lot worst out there.
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WOW 5900$ is pretty worse. I'd have to go bankrupt and spank the heck out of my kids! My grandkids can't even get a game without my ok and putting in a complex password on my iPad which I have to do.
Oh by the way great tips from that article!!;)