Microsoft's Windows 8 Plan B(lue): Bring back the Start button, boot to desktop

  • 17 April 2013
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Microsoft may be moving toward bringing back the Start Button and allowing users to boot straight to the desktop with its coming Windows 8.1 release later this year.Full article.
I thought it could be of interest of those Community members who use Win 8 :D

5 replies

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If so, it would bring relief to a lot of users.  There are many who just are not sold on the new interface.  Personally, I hope they do bring it back.
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I think adding the Start Button and boot to desktop options to Blue will soften resistance to Windows 8. At least I'm gonna be soft for sure. Not sure if MS would really implement them. They are stupidly adamant with their tiles.
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As a Windows 8 user, the Start button is redundant. There are two easy ways to get to the Start screen:
1) Move the cursor to the lower left corner and click/press. (Kind of close to where the Start button was previously)
2) Press the Windows key on the keyboard.
So by adding the start button back, a user would have to move the cursers slightly less as far to the corner before they click or press. Must be a psychological thing.  
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Corey, you may be right. I have not actually had my hands on it yet, but the descriptions of the mouse movements to access things do not appeal to me. I would like it on a tablet device with touchscreen, but a touch based interface does not sound good to me for my computer.

I will probably like it much more than what I expect once I do get around to playing with it.
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I do not use the mouse movements. What I am describing about the start button is: 
With Windows 7 you move the pointer to the Start button at the lower left corner and click.
With Windows 8 you move the pointer to the lower left corner and click.
Sound similar? :p
The lack of a start button is way overblown.