Question About System Analysis Results

  • 6 March 2013
  • 4 replies

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I ran a system analysis with Secur Anywhere Complete and got an alert that some devices are not operating properly and may need to be reinstalled.
What are the next steps I should take to address this alert?

4 replies

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If you are familiar with hardware drivers and installing them, you will want to look for updated/newer drivers for the items that were flagged.  If you are not familiar with this process, you might want to consult a computer technician for assistance.
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The report did not elaborate on which devices might need to be reinstalled.
Just a vague alert.
Thanks for the reply.
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You might check in Control Panel, Device Manager and check to see if any devices are flagged with a yellow or red symbol.  That may tell you which devices are having difficulty.
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Are you able to identify the device in question by clicking "view advanced detail" and then "view full report?" It should provide more granular information in that full report.