What are those XProtects?

  • 27 February 2023
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A week ago I lamented how the word extension had come to cover several very different things. Today I look at how recent versions of macOS have got two different XProtects, and what each does.


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2 replies

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This was a very interesting article, but I am not sure if I am more confused about this than I was before. 

hoakley’s explanations are quite detailed, and his tools are very cool.  But after running his XproCheck tool, and seeing one of those yellow triangles, and then reading his page about what it meant, I am not sure exactly why it flagged the file at all. 

I plan to look more deeply into this, but I am impressed with what the Mac does now when running a program, and how it protects itself in a new and unique (as far as I know) way for malware. 

Thank you for posting this. Truly informative and now I have some new tools as well .

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Cool article. Certainly a good read