Can we audit device per sites if Web Threat Shield extension for Browser is enabled or disabled?

  • 5 September 2023
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Hi Webroot Team,


Newbie here.


Can we audit device per sites if Web Threat Shield extension for Browser is enabled or disabled?


Also, if the Web Threat Shield extension is disabled from a device with Webroot client program, does it mean that if the User accessed a malicious site, Webroot would not block it?


Thank you.

5 replies

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Hello @jeremyv 


Are you a Consumer user or a Business user?


You would need the Extension installed and Enabled for it to block bad websites as I just did a test.


This is with the Extension installed and Enabled.




Without Extension Enabled I can go to Bad Websites!


So we need a bit more info from you!



Hi @TripleHelix,

Thank you for your prompt response. Yes, a Business User and at the same time newbie with Webroot Management Console.

Is there a way we could determine which device from a site in Webroot Management Console has not yet enable Web Threat Shield extension from its browsers? 

 Thank you again!

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I wouldn’t know but I will put this thread in the Business section so they can help you in there!



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Hey @csaunders can you please comment or help this person.



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Hey Chris can you have a look here! @csaunders 


Thanks buddy!