What Does Your Company Do?

  • 28 November 2012
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I work for a company that manufactures HDPE pipe fittings for industrial/comercial applications. 
I am an enthusiastic student. I would be delighted to learn from you all.
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I work as IT manager for a group of multinational Electronics Manufacturing companies.  We have only recently moved to webroot across the group to centralise management and reduce the impact of the AV client on our systems.  We were running 3 different AV packages with 4 different management consoles for them.  Much easier to see all the clients in one place!
We employee Blind or Visually Impaired individuals at our paper converting plant where we convert rolls of paper into different products for the military and government. We also have a paracord portion that we supply the military with along with an educational side that helps blind or visually impaired people in 40 counties in East Texas with training, education, and different services.
We are a VC Firm based in the Silicon Valley, and yes Im watching the HBO series and think its funny.
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That's funny. I just shared the series with my dad, who used to work in biotech when the biotech boom was big. He said there were a lot of parallels with VC in that industry too, and he loved the show.
Now, Im not saying our firm is like the show, but I have met some personalities that the show connects with..

We used to invest in Bio but now only IT.
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Yeah the biotech bubble burst a while back 🙂 It does look like some of the promised technologies are finally maturing now though. Just wasn't fast enough for the VC cycle.