WRSVC hangs on startup event message

  • 19 December 2013
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I have an old Windows 2003 32bit server hosted in a hyper-v instance with web root installed. On boot of the OS I get an message box saying one or more services failed to start.  In the event long i have the message that the WRSVC hung on startup. After I sign in, and go into services, it is running.
I have the WR firewall disabled and WR seems to be running fine otherwise.

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5 replies

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Really sorry about the delay! We're actually trying to track down the right person to answer this question for you. Haven't heard of this issue before.
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Thank you for reporting this but we have not seen this in house or received any support cases. 
This is likely specific to your environment and further investigation will be required. I recommend opening a support ticket or calling our awesome business support team to have them analyze Webroot logs, system event logs, startup, etc. They will likely be able to resolve the issue or if a bug is found, escalate to development for resolution.
Support contact info:
Thank you again!
FYI, I have a support case open on this right now - identical problem - similar configuration: older windows 2003 32 bit machine and, as it happens, also with firewall disabled.
I am looking at this issue also tonight on a 2003 32 Bit Enterprise edition server.  WRSVC is stuck on a starting state and I am unable to stop it.  I don't have the optiont to kill the service and changing the actions on fail revert back to all restart service.  I've attempted to end the services via task manager and via taskkill /IM wrsa.exe /F as well as taskkil /PID ### /F  However nothing seems to be working.  Any chance you have heard anything on this issue already?
Rebooting the server did seem to resolve the issue, but I would like to know if there is a better solution that doesn't require a system reboot.