Hello, Complete Version and some question Please..

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With the awesome help from Danny aka TripleHelix
I now have Webroot for Android (complete) great program!
The only other security software I have is the full version of ESET for droid
my question being can I get rid of eset or just leave it alone
Also because this is a new phone to me(tracfone android) I was taught
to turn of data in settings OFF  because the first 600 minutes went in one day
 can or will webroot do that for me, I would like to leave it on.. but will be very expensive :)
thank you all for the help

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Hello hayc59,
I also have WSAC on my Android. All you need IMO is Webroot and I would uninstall ESET for it may still use resources from your phone. As for Webroot turning off data, I believe this has to be done by your Android settings only. Here is a Webroot Mobile Help Guide that you can look through for more assistance.
Hope this helps,
Kind Regards,
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Thank you Sherry and uninstalling now!
you da best 🙂