Mobile app issues

  • 13 April 2019
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I have logged into my account and it says my mobile is protected. My mobile app on the other hand is showing a constant alert. I have uninstalled it and made sure the administrator app permission is active. Please help!

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2 replies

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Hello @cpittman1021,

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Where is your Alert? Are you looking at the orange exclamation mark on Webroots icon? Mine has the same set up in my Android Settings to show this is for notifications /active.

Hope this helps?
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The app icon has an orange badge with a number indicating how many notifications there are for that app. Mine has had an orange 1 badge on the app icon since this whole problem started. It shouldn't be there. The app is recieving a notification but what is the actual notification? Its obviously a glitch and they need to look into it.

Edit: If you press and hold the app icon it will show what the notification is for. In the window it will say that you are protected, no problems are detected. At least that's what my app shows. I still dont understand why they need to alert us of this with an app icon badge.