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  • 20 January 2014
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Hi All
I have installed 2 Mobile Premium on my Samsung phones with web basee console. One phone is working fine but another is keep asking for password as i sent the screen lock. I have changed the password on the web console but the new password is only working one new phone and another phone is not accepting the password.
Please help me on how to solve this locked phone issue.

1 reply

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Hi haiderbaig or may I call you Mirza?
Welcome to the Community Forums...:D
I have little knowledge of Android so I have checked wit one of the more knowledgeable members (great for me as that way one learns...;)) and they have suggested that this usually happens when either (i) a user has either forgotten what the Webroot password is (Factory reset the phone) or (ii) is trying to use a newly set password and do not realise that one need to use the OLD password.  Any of these potential causes apply to you?
If not then I recommend that you Open a Support Ticket so that the Support Team can see if they can assist you. :D
Finally, for the future and to hopefully improve the product in this area may I suggest that you take a look at This related Feature Request and if so minded comment on it and better still, also if minded, Kudos it as the Development Team do review these periodically and take note as to the support shown for each idea. ;)
Anyway, glad that you dropped by.  Do keep us posted on the outcome of this issue, as all feedback on that sort of thing helps us help other users who may come here in the future with the same or a similar issue.