conflict between WSA AV and PowerPro *keys macro

  • 3 January 2013
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I have a windows XP SP3 machine here. WSA AV stops the *keys macro in PowerPro from working. With PP there are 3 modes to the *keys macro. One mode uses Sendinput, one uses global journal hooks, and one uses keybd_input. WSA AV prevents all three from working.
Wait, I'm lying a little bit. It's only in browsers that *keys won't work with WSA AV running. FF and IE8 anyway. It doesn't matter what field - address bar, tool bar or field on the web page. It will work in editor windows for example.
I've switched WSA AV to the learning mode, but no chance to allow the action of PowerPro is provided.
Is there some way to get at the rule or whatever it is that is causing  WSA AV to block PowerPro and change it?

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Hey there firesteel and welcome to the Webroot Community forums!
Sorry to hear you're having some key-entering issues with the WSA/PowerPro combo on your computer. Because this falls into the character entry issue category, please reference this useful knowledge base article to see if tinkering a bit with the Protected Applications List within the Identity Shield settings will resolve the issue. As that article states, this is a "quick fix" and while it may resolve the issue specifically on your computer, submitting a support ticket is always the better, long-term solution that would help any other WSA user who happens to also use PowerPro and is experiencing the same issue. And, of course, if none of the steps in the above article resolve the issue for you, going through support is definitely the route to take!
Hope that helps! Let me know if that worked for you!
Thank you for the response. I did find one of the dlls from PowerPro was set to deny. After setting it to allow, I got this message when I tried to run PowerPro on my XP box:
KeyTrap v1.9 upwards is for Win2K/XP only. Please use KeyTrap v1.8 for win9x
Without SA running, I never got this message.
I've also come to know another way around the problem. I invoke powerpro this way:
runas /savecred /user:domainAdmin "powerpro.exe pproconf.pcf"
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Thank you for sharing this workaround!