entering product code for webroot purchased at best buy

  • 28 September 2014
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I have an existing account with webroot and geek squad that was purchased and installed at best buy.  I went back to best buy and purchased what I thought was the same webroot that I currently have. The instructions said to install via download but I already have Webroot currently on my computer but could not find a place to enter the new product key code.  I called the geek squad to get some help since I could not figure it out.  Both keycodes, the old and the new are installed but the new keeps giving me a message that my account needs to be activated.  How do I combine the two so that when the old expires, the new will pick up.

4 replies

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Hi Callie
Welcome to the Community Fora.
I am unclear as to whether what you have done is purchase a renewal from Best Buy, which you should have been able to do and then that would have been thesame keycode with just more subscription days added to it from the date of expiration, or whether you have actually purchased a completely new copy of WSA...I am guessing that it is the latter rather than the former?
If that is the case then certainly in the case of a Webroot purchase the time from the new keycode could be transferred to the current keycode...but only by Opening a Support Ticket with Webroot, but as you have a Best Buy purchase you are quite correct in going to the Geek Squad in the first instance.
What I am not sure is whether the Geek Squad can do the mergering themselves (I suspect not) or whether therefore you can and should refer this to Webroot Support by means of the aforementioned Support Ticket. I will try to find out for you unless our 'All things Best Buy' guru @ can advise instead.
And in the interim you could always open the Support Ticket, giving the link to this thread in the message (so you do not have to retype everything) and including keycodes involved and email address, etc...the worst that can happen is that they refer you back to the Geek Squad.
Do post back to keep us posted on how you are progressing re. this issue, and I will do the same if I get a more definitive answer for you.
Regards, Baldrick
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Well, a new key code was purchased instead of renewing the old key code.
With Best Buy versions, it is not possible to 'combine' the time remaining on the old license and add it to the new license what CAN be done is to have the profile informations (Password Manager data ) 'moved' from the old key code to the new key code.  If this is not done, actually, once the original key code has been expired for around 15-30 days, the passwords data will be lost permanently.
In theory one MUST call Best Buy for any support issues, but in this specific situation you will want to follow up with a Trouble Ticket to verify that the request has been properly escalated from Best Buy to Webroot for attention.
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Hi David
Thanks very much for precising, much appreciated...I always seem to learn something new when you are around...another one to add to the Best Buy vs. Webroot license 'Differences' list....;)
Regards, Baldrick
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I forgot to add.... 
Make sure you call Best Buy FIRST.  That activation warning usually means that the activation performed at the sales register failed and will need to be corrected before the new key code willbe able to be used.