Hi, What is Webroot Filtering Extension in Chrome?

  • 18 March 2016
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In Chr.ome I turned on Extensions for Webroot. Web category information for Google, Bing and Yahoo. When I open detail:
Permission to read and change all your data on the websites you visit. Manage your downloads.  Should I keep this extension or remove?  Kind of scares me when it says can read and change things.

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6 replies

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Hi Orion65
Welcome to the Community Forums.
The Webroot Filtering Extension is an integral part of the WSA protection system or Shields that protect your system. You can read more about them here.
The Filtering Extension is responsible in part for what happens when you run an Internet query such as a Google search, SecureAnywhere shields modify the results display with icons that give you safety information about each website returned as a result of the search. The icon displays to the left of each website name in the list of query results. The table in the link provided describes the meaning of each icon you see against the individual search results.
You should keep the extension/not remove it!
In terms of enabling or disabling the extensions please see this KB Article if required.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick
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Hi Baldrick,
Thanks so much for the quick response and information.  I have turned the extension back on.  
Have a good evening,
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Hi Orion65
No worries...always happy to help. :D
You have a good one too.
Regards, Baldrick
I have been having problems installing webroot extension onto my macbook pro. i use google chrome. Can you kindly help me.
Thank you
Hi @,
Welcome to the Webroot Community.
You can find the links to the 2 Webroot extensions for Chrome here:
Web Filtering Extension
Password Manager
(Please note that the Password Manager extension is only available to those users with Webroot's "Internet Security Plus" or "Internet Security Complete" versions.)
Hope this info helps. ;)