IE 8 keeps hanging up and freezing on Windows XP SP3

  • 15 October 2012
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only when I restart wbs it seems to begin all over again.  stop wbs and it seems to go away.  I wonder if there is something going on with all the WBS shields that are running causing an eventual conflict with IE.
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Please Open a Support Ticket so we can investigate through logs or try my instructions for resetting IE and let me know the results.
Edit: Typo. - Kit
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Have you experienced any issues DB?
Can we get an update on this? I have the same issue with ie 8 in XP SP3. No Mcafee or other security.
IE freezes for some users, I disable WSA and then everything works. Come on guys, I want to like this solution but it can't gum up our internet!
Mike R - unless I know more ramifications on resetting IE choose not to try it out.  Did however acquire REgWorks which Microsoft suggested in case their were registry issues.  ran it & it identified several items that it then automatically corrected.  Talk about not knowing more reamifications....   but aftewards evertyhing played together nicely in the sandbox.
a DL updt from Microsoft with it's typical "fixes".   Still ok but shortly thereafter when the PC was left alone (static) and unattended  then "resumed" the problems of freezes started up again.  Had to use task manager to kill apps and processes (sound familiar).   Then I stopped WSA and it has been 3 days and have had not one freeze since.
Seems WSA is having a conflict and causing a freeze as there can't be many other examples.  What's causing the freeze is another question that would be nice to know as just running McAffee imo w/o WSA leaves an opening (+ a subscription cost).
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Hey DB,
I am investigating the logs and think it may have more to do with the error you are describing. Can you please try to reset IE?
Resetting Internet Explorer:
1. Click on the "gear" and select Internet Options
2. Navigate to the Advanced tab and select Reset
3. Confirm the Reset and close the browser
Please provide me with an update if this changes any of the issues.
logs have run and been updated.   when I restarted WSA it ran a scan and I presume there were no issues as no prompts were noted.  WSA was up and running while the logs were being created.  I presumed that would be required.
an interesting note however was the following error was received (and in turn sent to MSoft).  It didn't seem to cancel or abort the WSA Log utility as it completed.
I have the image of the Registry Console Tool problem but not sure of what to type in the uniform resource locator entry on your image load above....  Needs to simply have a browse to item so you can click on it -vs- having to type in a URL.
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Hey DB,
Welcome tot he forums! ;)
This sounds like the type of issue where it is best that I collect logs from your system to investigate any potential conflicts. I have opened a support ticket for you and send log gathering instructions. Please check the email you used to register here on the forums with to access your support ticket. You will need to enter your email and the password provided into the Support Ticket System.
Please let me know when you have sent the logs!