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  • 11 January 2014
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Just got this program tonight and after having installed it found a few suspected virus/spyware and removed them. Now I am unable to download or install a program, Unable to play an online game. I can of course access the internet and email but I am unable to even access windows update. All I get is the server is unable to be connected please check your internet connection error mesg. Will this program remove files needed to access these types of things? Is it needed to reinstall games, windows?

1 reply

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Hi taggs
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Sorry to hear of the circumstances of your joining us...but glad you have done. ;)
WSA should not remove files needed to access these types of things, and should not be needed to reinstall games, windows, etc.  If WSA finds something that it knows is malicious it will in most cases undertake removal, and where it cannot do that or it is judged best that manual intervention take place then it will direct you to contact Support.  If it detects something it does not know about it will switch into monitoring mode and log the unknown process' actions so that if later it is determined as malcious WSA can use the journal to roll back the change made.
Given what you are describing my recommendation is that you Open a Support Ticket so as to get Support on the case.  All being well they should be able to identify the cause of the issue for you.
Do post back to let us know how you get on, what the case of the issue was and whatthe soution turned out to be...such feedback is valauable to us as it will assist other users who have the same issue, and like you post in the Community. :D
Have a great weekend.