Pause Webroot.

  • 1 May 2020
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Hello! I’ve been using Webroot for quite some time now. (It came installed when i bought the computer.)

I’ve been trying to install a program and I require Webroot to be shutdown/paused but there is no  way for me to complete this seeing as I’m not the “network  administrator”.


I’ve tried going to windows processes and Webroot outright denied me from shutting it down.

Whatever  I seem to do it all goes around in a circle with me needing  to do one thing to fix the next  but ultimately failing because  of the restrictions. 

I hope this issue can be resolved! 


Kind regards, whitecowboyhat.

1 reply

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Hello @whitecowboyhat 


You can’t kill Webroot’s processes via Task Manager as they will just restart because they are Protected Processes!


Now go into Advance settings and make sure this is checked and save and then Right Click on the Webroot Icon down by the Clock and choose to Shut down Protection!