problems verifying my renewal

  • 4 June 2019
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I renewed the software and followed all of the instructions. It accepted and verified the key code. However, when I bring up the webroot window, although it says "Protected" it also states underneath that my subscription has expired. So I want to make sure the software is actively running on my PC. and those messages are conflicting with each other.

5 replies

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Hello @helpfromwebroot Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. ☺
Did you reboot your computer? If you haven't, please reboot. I'll also ping our forum Administrator @LLiddell to see if things are right on the backend of your account.

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@helpfromwebroot would you mind private messaging me your keycode and/or email that it's registered to? I'll check and see if it's been activated or not, and we can start there.
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Thank you for the quick reply. yes, Rebooting did not seem to help at all. Still got the conflicting messages. I do have the keycode for you but not sure how to private message you? I'll surf around the site to try and figure that out.
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Okay I just sent the key code via a private message. That was easy to do. Thank you, LLiddell, for looking into this.
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Thanks for all the explanation and right now I am on the same boat as you were few months ago. I went to MVA to renew my license and somehow they were not able to verify my status, I have all the documents presented and after scanning MVA was not able to verify the status.