After cpming in to Geek squad couldn't get on email.

  • 7 January 2015
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 I picked up more problems than I could count after going to the Geek squad yesterday. I had to call Yahoo customer service to get all the problems off my computer. He also told me that he had to turn it over to a Microsoft tech to remove alot of the problems. It took them about 5 hours to clean up my computer. This morning there was 952 problems and wanted me to sign up for Mcafee to clear them. I ran Webroot and it didn't show any problems. Do I need to change to Mcafee to insure my computer stays safe?

1 reply

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Please enligten us. What did yahoo have to do with your Security problem. And did you let someone (Microsoft Tech) access your machine? And if so how do you know it was a Microsoft Tech?The problems you appear to be experiencing sound like PUA's, (potentally unwanted programs). Geek Squad should have been able to rid you of these problems.