How do I unblock something that I blocked by mistake?

  • 18 July 2018
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Hey guys
I hope you guys could help me with this issue, here goes:
so last night I plug in a flashdrive a warning pop up from webroot, it says block allow once or always allow, its a process I think because at first I always click allow once now I check the extra details and saw it was not familiar, so I blocked it, when I was bored I plugged in my wacom and suddenly it doesnt recognize the wacom anymore, I cant use it anymore, thats when I realize I somehow blocked something that prevents my laptop recognizing my wacom. Please Help! T_T
I have try fiddling everything and look at the quarantine and block. But it doesnt match the name of the program I block help T_T

1 reply

Hello Gabbu,
Welcome to the Webroot Community.
There are a couple of other places you can check for blocked files.
Open Webroot and click on the gear next to "Identity Protection'. Then select the 'Application Protection' tab. Check to see if the file is being blocked here and set to 'Allow'. Just be sure that you know the file is safe.
Another place you can check by right-clicking the Webroot icon in your system tray and select 'Control Active Processes'. Again, check to see what, if anything, is being blocked.
If you're stll having trouble then you can submit a ticket to support and they'll be more than happy to help. ;)
Hope this info helps,