scan is skipping over ROOTKIT.

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I am havinging no issues except that the scan stops and 16, pauses, then jumps to 73 and ends at 100%. my husband thinks that there is somthing stopping the scan looking for rootkits. thank you for the "goto"
Lynn Hayhurst
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Hi there ,
Are you having any issues with Webroot scanning then?
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Rootkit is selected
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Hi BruceHayhurst1
Welcome to the Community Forums.
If I may just add here...please click on 'Adavnced Settings' (in the main app right hand corner) and then on the 'Scan Settings' tab and check the condition of the 'Enable rootkit detection' option.

It is possible that it may be 'Off'. If so then switch 'On' and retry your scan.
Regards, Baldrick
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Hello BruceHayhurst1
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
May I ask how do you know you have a Rootkit? And does Webroot complete it's scan (100%) Because it is normal for Webroot to jump though these scans. As explained here
Please have a look here as well
If you are concerned about having a Rootkit then you can always Submit a Support Ticket free of charge witrh your active Webroot subscription. They will gladly check this out for you.