Secure Web Browsing feature not functioning for Android OS 7.0 on my new Motorola phone

  • 18 January 2017
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I recently upgraded to a new phone (Motorola Z Play OS 7.0).  
First Issue is with Secure Web Browsing using Webroot Security Complete app from the playstore: 
While I was able to load the primary software app on my phone (Webroot Security Complete), the secure web feature is not fuctional within the app. The message on the Secure Web Browsing feature under "Security" tab "Secure Web Browsing" select/hit arrow "block known threats" indicates: "This feature is unavailable at this time. Your device is not currently compatible with Webroot Secure Browsing".
Second Issue is with Secure Web Browsing-stand alone app:
Proceeded to then load the stand alone Webroot Secure Web Browser app (which I shouldn't have to do if the feature in the original app was working properly).  The following error is obtained when accessing the application "a secure connection could not be established to this site. would you like to proceed?" y/n option By selecting n multiple times you remain on the window. By selecting y multiple times, you can select to see the "add" for webroot.
If you open another window/tab get the same message pop up.
Proceded to the search bar and typed in search item. On my phone Google search results are available to select.  Select from websites available and the same "secure connection" pop up is rec'd. 
In order to open the website you have to select y to the error message "a secure connection could not be established to this site. would you like to proceed?" multiple times.

Opening another tab or attempting to access a new website through the search field results in the same error popping up.
While I can get to a website by selecting Y (multiple times) this obviously is not how the app is suppose to work.
I can go to a known website that ihas been indicated as a "risk" to demonstrate that the security feature within the app functions/is flaged as potentially compromising security (classified as a Risk) - red warning window pops up. 
However, getting to a website by churning through the error pop-ups is not how the stand alone Webroot Secure Web Browser application is suppose to function.
At this time if I want to access the internet through Google independently/Google app its self, the Secure Web feature doesn't work (i.e. there is no warning pop up when accessing the known "risky" website). 
I opened a ticket on this matter 1/8/17.  The latest response to this issue is (according to the developement team who is currently investigating the issue) 1/17/2017:
The Secure Connection message appears to be something that has come up recently and according to initial development research into the issue appears to be device specific. We are in the process of gathering device information on the occurrence, and will work to resolve it.
I know this is long-winded. I'm attempting for those who don't have the issue to understand what is happening and for those who do to confirm similar.
Apparently there have been others experiencing these issues also according to the development team.
The Development Team has all my relevant info.  If others are experiency this it is probably helpful to post here but open a support ticket as well.
Any other comments from the community are appreciated.

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