Seriosly Disappointed

  • 24 September 2022
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Hello All,

So, received VERY troubling news from Webroot Support and I could really use some guidance here. For the past 8 or 9 years I’ve been a webroot customer. The very first time I renewed I added a new keycode to my account, only find out that I lost all remaing days, and had to start all over setting up Backup. Come to find out that Webroot doesn’t work like most software and that I had actually replaced my account, not renewed it. So, every year since then I have purchased a new keycode and then asked support to add the time to my account, thus avoiding any hassles or lost days.

Well, Webroot has informed that they won’t do that anymore…

From Support…



Unfortunately, we are unable to combine subscriptions in this manner. We would be able to do the reverse, however, and add the remaining days from your existing subscription.

This should not cause any issues as far as your LastPass subscription goes, as you will just need to add the new keycode to your Carbonite + Webroot management account. As for the backup service, we would be happy to provision a license to Carbonite Safe Lite on your new keycode, but we do not support Webroot Backup & Sync on new subscriptions.

Please respond to this message to let us know how you would like to proceed and we will be glad to help you.


The Webroot Support Team


Needless to say, the subscription I just purchased will be my last with Webroot. :(


So are they saying that Backup is going away??? Even though it’s advertised on the package???


So, I’m seriously stressing atm. My console ( doesn’t say “Carbonite”, Is there a new console that I need to enable? I don’t see anyway to add a keycode in the console, as support has stated. I really need to ensure that I don’t lose my LastPass passwords or access to lastpass. Please give instructions on how I add the new keycode so that I retain Lastpass.


If backup is going away will I lose my 25gb of data? If so do I need to downlaod all of that back to my PC?  Is there an easy way to do this?


This is all very sad and troubling. Have been a huge fan of Webroot, have recommended them to literally hundreds of people, and have always remained a customer, but it seems that all of the new ownership has really screwed it all up, especially for Home users. THEY DON”T EVEN PROVIDE TELEPHONE SUPPORT FOR HOME USERS ANYMORE. I can tell when I’m not wanted anymore. It’s just sad.

So, very sorry for all of the questions. Really hoping that whatever/whoever is left at this once awesome community can provide more insight than support was able to (took 6 days to respond, that’s when I knew things were bad)

So in short, if anyone knows the steps for ensuring my lasspass data transfers to my new keycode I would greatly appreciate it. If backup is being removed will I still have access to the data or will I need to download all of it? If I need to download, I think I can figure it out, just was confused as to what support is actully saying here about backup.


Many thanks in advance.

It was really fun, while it lasted...


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I forgot to mention that 2 of my protected PCs are not easily accessible as one is my In-laws, who  live in Arizona half the year, the other , my son who is away at college. I don’t really trust my 80+ year old In-laws to be able to enter a new keycode in the PC console themselves. How can I add the new keycode to those computers? Is there way to that remotely in the online console???

I just don’t get why Webroot has to make thing so difficult…

Or, I should say, Opentext….