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  • 12 March 2017
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Hello Everyone.
I purchased a new laptop, and I currently have Webroot installed in my other computers. I got a 14 day free Trial and I installed it in the new laptop, my question is that the window Defender is still Running, I from what I understand Defender should get shut off automatically. Also, if I am not using one of my computers, can I Transfer the License from the old computer to this Laptop?

4 replies

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Hi Venus60
How are you? Well, I hope?
In terms of Windows Defender as far as I know it no longer turns itself off automatically when it detects a 3rd pary AM application like WSA being installed. 
So you now have a choice as to whether you run both or just one or the other. If you want to just run WSA and turn off WD then please review this previous thread; the information on how to turn off WD should still be pertinent...but if not post back.
In terms of reusing a license from one (now OLD) computer on a brand NEW one; Yes, you can.
Are you sure that you have available seats on your license?  As you posted in the WSA-Complete board, I assume that is your license level, which is good for 5 devices.  Lets check how many devices are listed on the key code currently.
Log into the Console
Look at the PC Security entry to see how many total devices are listed.  
If you are at or over the limit of 5, this could be the problem as well.  It does often happen that ONE PC is listed multiple times.  If WSA has been uninstalled while the computer was NOT connected to the internet, that license seat will be 'stuck', and the re-install would take up another seat.
So if you are at the maximum no. of licenses used then you will have to 'deactivate' the OLD computer first; to remove a duplicate or no longer in service device, see this KB Article on how to Deactivate a PC. Now you should just install WSA on the NEW computer as per normal.
If you are not at the maximum number of installed devices, then you can just install WSA on the NEW computer as you would normally, and it should have a license available to use. I would still, to keep things tidy, deactivate the OLD computer from WSA at some point you may need the license at some point in the future.
Hope that helps? ANy further questions please post back.
Regards, Baldrick
@ wrote:
Hello Everyone.
[..] my question is that the window Defender is still Running, I from what I understand Defender should get shut off automatically.
Windows Defender real-time should be Off (On greyed-out).  Windows Defender periodic-scanning may be On/Off.
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Thanks Baldrick. I just checked and I did have another protection License, and I did added to my Laptop Thanks.
I have two questions please.
Inside Console account I think I have and old computer that I dont use therefore i like to delete it, but its a same computer name how can i know which computers is that ? for example Two computer name "A"
Also, do you recommend keeping the Window Defender completely off or what ?
I just noticed inside my Laptop it says window Defenders real time protection is off because you are using a 3rd party. and window Defender periodic is ON. what should i do
Hello venus60,
> my Windows Defender periodic-scanning is Off.