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  • 5 November 2017
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I get anxious waiting for my software to upgrade from to Is there a way to update or install over what I have without uninstalling?

5 replies

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Just keep trying the manual update option periodically. The roll out of the new version is being staggered so there will be delays for some users.
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Hello @,
You can manually check for the latest version by pressing the gear icon to the right of "My Account" and then selecting the "About SecureAnywhere at the top." Then press "Check for software updates".
Hope this helps!
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I jst get a message saying I'm using the latest software, but I have
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Apologies for the inconvenience then:catsad:
I've gone ahead and opened a support ticket for you with the Team!
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I see that you are interested in the latest product releases from Webroot. Thats awesome!
I wasn't able to see but if you haven't yet you should try joining the beta community!
Beta Community
This ins't the direct but I'm sure a nice fellow will put one here for you.