Your Personal Securtity Report?

  • 24 July 2019
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Having used webroot for several years I've never before encountered this issue... but now, each and every day I get a popup near the system tray letting me know that my "personal security report" is ready to view. OK, enough already. I don't need to see this on a daily basis. Can someone let me know how to disable this? Thanks!

4 replies

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Hello @mistertee

Sorry you are having this problem. It appears you are not the only one with this problem.

Please see THIS POST

I will also ping our Forum Administrator @LLiddell on this problem.

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Thank you! This used to pop up only once a month which is fine.
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Looking into this, and thank you for letting us know you're seeing this. Second thread on this so it sounds like it is not an isolated incident. I'll update this thread (as well as the other one) once I have more info.
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Thank you Lara. ☺