WiFi Security Problem

  • 1 April 2020
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My problem is quite unique, every time I log on and connect to the Webroot VPN, I cannot use the internet. It literally stops the connection everytime I connect to the Webroot WiFi Security. Is there any way to get around this problem? Thanks!

5 replies

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I will ping @pstonethompson and hopefully he can help you and in any case you may need to contact Webroot Support:



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@TripleHelix I deal with the consumer user account system and not the VPN client or infrastructure.

That said I can try and do some triage and maybe see if I can refer things to correct support person.

@MJPHYSICS What platform are you using when you lose internet connectivity - Windows, Mac, Android or iOS? How are you connected to the internet when you lose connectivity - 3G/4G/5G, WiFi or network cable.

Do you see an IP address in the WiFi Security app when you are connected? Which endpoint are you connected to? Automatic or a specific geographic one? Can you connect to the internet if you connect to a different endpoint?

Do all apps lose connectivity - can you send and receive email, do messaging apps work, which browser(s) are you having issues with?

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@pstonethompson yes I understand but I see you trying to help VPN users and nothing more and that’s why I add to Contact support as well.



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Hello to all (@pstonethompson@TripleHelix )

I am on a Windows PC using WiFi for the internet.

Everytime I am using the Webroot WiFi Security, I do see the IP address and yet the endpoint is always an automatic one here in America. And I lose all connectivity, regardless of email and browser.

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Can you try explicitly connecting to US East and US West to see if either of those endpoints allows you connectivity? I would also suggest disabling web filtering from the Settings menu.

If that doesn’t work, unfortunately you will need to contact our Support team for assistance.