Introducing our chat advocates to the community

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Howdy Folks!
I'm Drew P.
It's a pleasure to be here! I found Webroot a few years back while using a 256K per second Internet DSL connection. The Low bandwidth was a selling point for me out in the stix, but it kept giving me more and more reasons to love it. It hasn't mattered work or entertainment, it's kept me running fast, protected and backing up and sharing files where ever I go! Thanks Nic, and Webroot for letting me be here! I'm honored to be among the Greats!
Thanks Webroot! I only hope to represent Webroot at least half as well as it works! Those are some big shoes to fill!
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Hi Nic
Thanks for the heads up...we will be sure to give them a warm Community wlecome. ;)
Regards, Baldrick