Locked out - Too long password string

New sim, no data, no wifi.
I have such a long and nice password on my webroot acc that the field_value of the lockscreen simply wont take it.
What can i do in this case.
Im stuck.
Edit: The Simcard is back in.. but no data no wifi is activated .. 

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How many characters are we talking about? If there is a character limit, I'd like to reproduce it. In the short term, if you're positive it's a character length issue, please change your password to a shorter one.
Hi! Thanks for the quick response! Im still working on this without any success. Basicly, the password has 19chars, and on my LG Optimus 3D phone, the chars stop counting at 16. I can see that the chars are not registered (1sec viewing does not apear), and i get the Failed notice when doing the OK. I then get a .. 5 .. 10 unsuccessfull attempts notice. And im forced back to the Webroot Unlock/ Forgot screen.

I can definetly change my acc pwd, but how will that replicate down to the phone that has no data nor wifi connection?
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That's a good point about the data/wifi connection. I haven't tried to reproduce this yet (though I will), but if you're right that it's capped at 16 characters, there may be no good way around it. You might try entering the password in another app, copying it, and pasting it into the field. If it's a hard cap though, that won't help either. Is there no chance you can get either data or wifi connectivity to reset the password? You could try booting the device into Safe Mode if the reason you can't get wifi is that you're stuck at a lock screen.

On that model phone, Safe Mode can be accessed by booting it up, releasing power button when you see the logo and pressing volume up, volume down, and the 3D Button together until the phone boots.
Sweet tip Jim reg. the safeboot!! Ill definetly give that a go. Ill be back, reg the Copy-Paste operation, problem is your App is doing what its supposed to, its locked me blatanly out 😃 So i cant really access anything.
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Right, and we've had to give that answer before as well.  Ultimately, the app is just doing its job.  There's more on this issue here.  Good luck on the Safe Mode.  🙂
Yeah but you have to admit (?) that the app has a major flaw if it wont accept the same password length as the myWebroot account does. That is not a security feature 🙂
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If that's the case, I completely agree. I'm going to have to test it tonight when I have my device back. If anyone else wants to test first and post back the results, please do!
Quick info, safe mode still shows the pwd screen initiated from Webroot? (the lock screen). ( Any tell tale sign of when im in safemode instead of reg. mode? ) Sim card out.
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You should see "Safe Mode" in the bottom left corner if it's really in Safe Mode.
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I was able to perform a test just now that allowed me to enter a 20 character long password on the device lock screen to get back in. So I don't think that's the issue. Most likely, the issue is one of the various issues discussed in the knowledgebase article I linked to above. I'm sorry for the bad experience though.