Samsung Galaxy Tab S "lock screen setting in unsafe state"

  • 25 November 2015
  • 4 replies

Webroot on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S is reporting "lock screen setting in unsafe state" even though I have fingerprint recognition switched on.  Is fingerprint security not "safe"?

4 replies

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In general that would be more then safe enough but i allways use pattern swiping because i don't like finger print recognition as that recognition can be affected by your hands being dirty or sweatty. Let's wait for the experts to answer on this as i don't have a Tab S to check for you & have no Samsung experience
I think it is bug in their latest patch. I have this same issue on my LG G3. No matter how many times I try to set it back to pattern lock screen, a few minutes later, it goes right back and it is disabled again automatically. 
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Hello ? & ?
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Sorry to hear you are having these issues.
EDITED: Please look here at ? reply to simaliar issue.
I have a Samsung Note 4 running Webroot and I use a pin. I haven't tried the fingerprint though. I can try to test my Samsung with the fingerprinting and see what happens. I'll get back to you.
Would you both want to do a uninstall/reinstall of Webroot from your device.Instructions here to uninstall
Then restart your device and reinstall from the Play Store once again.
OR if you would rather Submit a Support Ticket they can advise you further. This is a free service with an active Webroot subscription.
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Hello dparnell,
I have registered with my fingerprint on my Samsung. Webroot is not giving me the problem you have stated. So again maybe a Support ticket is in order if the previous reply from me doesn't work.