Is Webroot similar to Norton Internet Security. Norton was always discovering tracking cookies?

  • 5 September 2015
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How does Webroot compare to Norton please.  I am concerned as when I opened my computer today all the programs had been wiped out.  I am able to use them in safe-mode and will reboot just in case it was a one time glitch. 
Thank you for any information you can give and or advise me of.  If you don't feel like explaining, I will appreciate being pointed in the right direction for the information. 

1 reply

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Hi LaineyLaff
Welcome to the Community Forums.
In terms of the response to your subject line the answer is 'No', WSA does not look for or deal with tracking cookies...this is because they can easily be dealt with using the privacy settings available in the latest versions of just about every mainline browser (can advise on that if required ;)).
I am not sure what would have happened in relation to what you describe about your computer...I have not heard of this before so I am guessing that it may be a one time glitch and therefore a reboot is the best course of action. Do that and then post back to advise as to whether you need any further help in relation to that 'issue'.
We await your update on this.
Regards, Baldrick