Major Bug:Webroot blocking Netflix in internet explorer 11

  • 23 October 2013
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I have a major annoying problem with webroot.
Netflix doesn't use Silverlight in internet explorer 11
Instead it uses HTML5
Problem is that whenever I try to watch netflix I get sound but no video. I just get a black screen.
I have done testing and realised it is webroot causing this.
If I disable webroot netflix works fine.
If I re-enable webroot then netflix stops working.
I don't want to be having to disable my anti-virus just to watch netflix so anyone know how to fix this without disabling webroot?

Best answer by Jasper_The_Rasper 16 August 2014, 00:37

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26 replies

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Hello ExpertNovice, you state here:

Hopefully, I'm not out-of-line here.

Win 7 pro 64 bit (not win 8.1)
IE 11
I have bee unable to run Neflix under Sandboxie.
Netflix settings set as Jasper_the_Rasper demonstrated.

My security settings are set fairly high for "internet" and higher than normal in "Trusted Sites." However, by adding "" to "Trusted Sites" netflix works fine for me. Without this, it netflix wants to install Silverlight.

On rare occassions I must follow these instructions, per Support.
To clear some issues on a PC enter the following URL


Yes I would like to say you are never out of line in our Webroot Community Forum. Your input is very important to us and we certainly appreciate your feedback and this will help others as well! :)

So Thank you! Have a Great Day!