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PC - Uninstallation Option Missing from Control Panel

  • 14 April 2013
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PC - Uninstallation Option Missing from Control Panel

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A good point well made, David.  I too have noticed that the number of applications with an uninstall option in the Start Menu under Windows 10  has diminished althoough there are still some as yo uhave pointed out.  Hence, my questioning as to whether it is a 'fix' that is required?
Perhaps we should be even more concise and call the thread/topic "PC - Uninstallation Option Missing"...and adjust the OP to add a Windows 10 specific section (as there is for the prior versions of Windows) in which we could highlight the 'missing' Start Menu item as no longer being avaialble, etc.?
Regards, Baldrick
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Thank you ?and ?, I must admit that I really was not at all sure just what was being referred to.  
I have noted the 'missing' entry to uninstall in the Start menu.  As several of you know I would have made good use of it the last week or two.  It was, however, located in the Control Panel .
It seems to me that overall the normal style of program installations, and how they appear on the Start Menu, may be changing.  At the moment, going over my ENTIRE Start Menu list of programs, I can find but only three total that list an Uninstall option, and those are all carryovers from Windows 7.  I have not a single uninstall option from software installed originally under Windows 10.
Perhaps this KB Article might simply be re-named to being "PC - Uninstallation Option Missing from Control Panel"  The install options of WSA, available to be changed in Advanced Options, have the option of leaving WSA off the Start Menu to begin with, but no such option exists for the Control Panel.  Since the option exists in WSA to have no listing in the Start Menu, it is not surprising we will get questions about the lack of an uninstall located there.  The Control Panel, on the other hand, always has it listed by default and by available normal install choices.  (We all know that sometimes other things interfere causing it to not be listed in the Control Panel, such as Endpoint install options, but that is a different subject than I am covering here.)
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I think the point being made (not so clearly) here is that in the Start Menu items, pre Windows 10, if one 'exploded' the Webroot SecureAnywhere folder there was, as well as the WSA icon, a sub folder labelled 'Tools' and in that there was the option to 'Uninstall WSA'.
This now appears to be different under Windows subfolder so no access to the unistall options.
?, you seem to think for some reason that we have the power to make changes to the product or in this case fix a potential product issue...well, we are volunteers and we do not.
You should Open a Support ticket to let the Support Team know the 'issue' and they will no doubt contact the Development Team about it...that is the best approach to getting something fixed, not asking here whether it can or cannot be fixed.
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What version of Windows? This is Windows 10

re: the initial install, that WRA gives you an option to have WRA's files given a unique name for security purposes...<here>
I was offered the option during recent install....
I read the reason as to assist install on infected machine....
The option was custom or advanced as I recall....
Can we get Option 1 corrected for v9.0.2.21 or reference the version that Option 1 is for....
I do not have Tools > Uninstall Webroot.
Option 1: 5. Start > All Programs > Webroot SecureAnywhere > Tools > Uninstall Webroot.
 Option 1 didn't work for me, since none of those options displayed (on ver at least) , but Option 2 worked fine on Win 8.1.    I then just reinstalled from the dowload file.  All is fine now.
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Well, I have never been offered the option to have that and to be perfectly honest I would say to people just don't mess with the naming convention as it does not really provide that much better security to be perfectly hones..
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"C:Program FilesWRAfoldernameWRAexename.exe" -uninstall                          (using Vista option)
Users should be aware that when you performed the initial install, that WRA gives you an option to have WRA's files given a unique name for security purposes, so if they can't find the folder in Program Files, look deeper - TaskManager can help.