Remove "permanently erase" context menu option

  • 30 December 2012
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With the last version of Webroot "Antivirus" I believe you could uncheck this option and it would stay in place until the next update from the cloud which would overwrite the selected option.  in the latest version of Webroot "Antivirus" I do not see that option in the menus. 
Can Webroot not come up with a simple solution to solve this without editing the registry?  Some people share a computer within the family, etc, and the primary user may not want someone having such easy access to permanently deleting a file.  Editing the registry is not a good option for your typical PC user. 
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[Edit - this information is incorrect, see posts below]
Hi @ 
WSA > Advanced Settings > Secure Erase
Unfortunately Webroot still needs to work out some flaws in the usability of its interface (especially when it comes to the Secure Erase and System Optimizer features), but the option is there.
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Hello BobLouder and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

Sorry my mistake yes you could remove the context menu items like Scan with Webroot in the 2013 version and it's not in the 2014 versions.
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