Subscripton Renewal Email from Geek Squad/Best Buy - Real or Scam?

  • 28 February 2019
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Has anyone else received an email from Best Buy/Geek Squad stating that their WebRoot anti-virus software will automatically be credited? I tried to get a response from BestBuy, but their online tech named Kasey said it was a scam and that I would need to pay the full $49.99, and not the $29.99 stated in the email. I was a bit disappointed in their reply. I realize that WebRoot is not BestBuy or the Geek Squad, but WebRoot has partnered with them so hopefully someone from WebRoot or a user in the community can respond to my question and concern. Has anyone else received this type of email and did your subscription renew automatically?

Thank you.

PS: If someone from WebRoot would like to see the original email, I would be glad to forward to your security department.

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Hello @User2019AccWebRootCommuity and Welcome to the Webroot Community!

Webroot does use Best Buy Geek Squad as a Subscription service and it would be best to contact them Directly if you do know for sure you have a Subscription through Geek Squad: and

Calling them Directly would be best at: 1.800.Geeksquad
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Thank you TripleHelix for responding. Just an F.Y.I.
I did call the GeekSquad and that was a dead end too. So I decided to take a chance and adopted a 'Wait & See' approach. The gamble paid off, after a week or so my Anti-Virus software renewed automatically. So... clearly the BestBuy online tech named Kasey who said it was a scam was wrong. Anyway... I just wanted to followup on this topic for you and any other readers.

Thanks again for your input and advice!
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I don't like best buy cause I BOUGHT WR from them a few years ago for a years subscripe and in 6 months it it went out of service and I called them and they said I had to buy another subscrip so I jus thung up and sucked it up and called wr and bought from them.