Backup & Sync (server) time-out?

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I looked for other posts relating to this problem, but didn't find any. This is not a critical problem for me at this time, but I want to be using the feature more in the coming weeks.
The Backup & Sync feature is really sluggish for me. I understand it takes time to do the original backup and/or sync. When I try to access the devices/folders, it takes a very long time and frequently times out and displays error message - "A request to the server failed. Please refresh the page or try again later."
Sometimes I will see the root drive in a folder, then clicking that will stall and fail. Is this likely a problem on my end of the system (same problem on all PC devices), or is it the cloud server?
Possibly related is that accessing my.webrootanywhere online account takes a long time usually - even a few minutes before it connects and updates status.
I have a 15 MB cable internet connection and relatively fast PC, so I don't think the problem is on this end, unless its the way I have things setup.
Thanks in advance for any help!

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For several days I can't get access to the back up server all the time. Is something wrong with it?
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Hi robke99,
I have just checked it and it works well for me. I didn't notice any issues.
What do mean by writing "I can't get access to the back up server"?
Could you give us some more information about it?
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Hello robke99, 
While I dont use the Synch part, I do keep one folder backed up, and I have used items from that folder the last few days.  I have also re-intalled WSA several times (For a completly unrelated issue... I was testing something), each time re-signing into Backup&Sync.  I have not had any problems, but that does not mean that there isn't something a bit odd going on.
You might want to submit a Trouble Ticket if you continue to see this happening.
I just tested it and ik worked fine. I'll reply when it fails again. I do get a warning on my page that I have to prolongue my registration of Webroot, and the icon of backup and sync is brown, with a acclamationmark. I prolongued my registration yesterday.
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Can you open WSA, Click the gear tool next to My Account, and look to see how many days are listed next to Subscription?  How many are there?
Now it failed:
Error retrieving data.
User could not be resolved. Probeer het later eens opnieuw.
721 days.
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Please submit that Trouble Ticket.  There is something not right, but it does not look like something we can fix here on the Community.  It IS possible that if your internet connection is currently running a bit slow or intermittant that might cause the problem, but I think it a good idea to have Webroot Support take a look as well.